Whale... “alittle love to give away.”

The first whale I met was a beluga.

Unfortunately she was in captivity. I didn’t want to go to the marine park, yet for my “career day” in 7th grade, my teacher made me go interview a “dolphin trainer” because there was no one around Surburia doing my life’s mission and profession, “interspecies communications with dolphins,” even with me telling my teacher I only wanted to work in the wild with them. My mum dropped me off at the park, and immediately it had an eerie feel to it. The so-called “trainers” never let me see the dolphins in their enclosure, only bringing me to the back where a “kiddie” sized plastic pool was that housed a young beluga. When the small whale saw me, she raced over to me, opening up her mouth for me to interact and touch her, as if she already knew me. By the time I left the park, I was extremely sad, knowing we were hurting the beluga by having her in a small bathtub size tank, especially all by herself. As I was leaving her side, I promised her that I would do my best in not “hurting others,” and to somehow, learn how to stand up for love.

I learned and am still leaning a great deal about our lost language of love through animals, Nature, family, dear friends, and dolphins and whales. It was 1 song from a humpback whale that open up my heart again to love. The parts of me that I wasn’t accepting, because others were putting me down. It’s as if you and I are in a state of “captivity,” when we are not allowing our love to be expressed, true, and free.

Maybe somewhere inside of you, you’re hurting and are hanging onto those memories and negative thoughts. In truth, when we are holding on to those feelings, we are only hurting ourselves, because other people can’t disturb us, unless we allow them to. Often those we are feeling the most hurt from or with are the ones closest to us, our loved ones.

For instance, one of my family members has been mean, hurtful, and viewed me as a threat for 25+ years, continuing to spread lies about who she imagines I am. It doesn’t matter what I say or do, even in love to reach out to her, in so call “redeeming” myself for things I have no idea about, especially with the grudges and resentment she is feverishly holding against me all these years. I can remember saying that, “I’ve never done anything to hurt or harm her in my life,” yet still, the hurting continues.

If I could take her hurt away, I would. Yet I’m needing to remind myself, she has lived a different life from me. Learned different beliefs about trust and being vulnerable. Possible never having a trusted girlfriend to be herself with. I can remember growing up and all her friends were competitive, judgemental, and “catty,” where as the girls I became close to in my formative years were initially the ones who teased me and made fun of me while I was shy and overweight. I was very hurt at first from their name calling and unkind behavior, yet then one day, I forgave them, and then we shared many wonderful years of friendship and fun.

You sea, people who are hurting are often trying to hurt others. Sometimes consciously, yet most of the times not. They are coming from a place of confusion, and are wanting the pain to go away. In truth, how can the pain go “away” if one is continuing in their negative thoughts, stories, feelings, and most importantly, actions.

How is there room for love if you do not allow the space for love to have a place?

When will we begin to understand that love is the one thing that can heal us, then the floodgates of many worries that we have been carrying around can be let go of, once and for all.

Love is the one thing that allows us to trust, have hope, and even to forgive.

The one thing bigger than us…

Sounds impossible? Not really, yes, it’s trying… sometimes it’s very difficult. Yet, it just takes alittle practice. Love is an action word, meaning we have to put our focus and energy into doing small acts of kindness. Small steps each day in being kind to ourselves and others. When you look at dolphins and whales in the wild, humans hunting them and hurting them over the centuries, and then to sea them in captivity, knowing everything that makes them a sentient dolphin or whale is being stripped away from a life sentence of cement tanks, then you have to somehow recognize the compassion, love, and forgiveness that a cetacean is expressing towards us, towards humanity as a whole for all the years of unkindness and cruelty.

We can stand up for love, and surround ourselves with those who are kind, loving, compassionate, and supportive. Our lost language of love is not just for some of us, it’s for all of us to embrace. You and I have to start acting like we have “alittle love to give away.”

And when those close to us are expressing themselves in confusion and hurt, try alittle act of kindness. If that doesn’t work, then let go and give it to God. If you don’t believe in a Creator helping and giving you life, then take some time in Nature to find your answers, or in meditation, or in some great musical song, or alittle mixture of whatever makes you happy.

May we all try to remember, that while we may be relearning our lost language of love, our little light just might help someone else’s healing today.

I hope for the sake of all those in captivity, we are doing our best to care, and believe in our hearts that we have “alittle love to give away” too.

Amenti = meaning: “love”

Amenti = meaning: “love”

This post is dedicated to you, the ones who are hurting from a situation or circumstance where another person has done something hurtful or disturbing towards you, and now you’re possibly having a hard time with letting it go, possibly even thinking they don’t deserve to be forgiven. They do, because our life is worth more than the stuff that’s bringing us down. peace and love to you, always…