"The dream of humanity"

“Deep within the oceans and in our subconscious lies the dream of humanity... feelings of connectiveness and being a part of something bigger than ourselves.” ~ Dolphingirl

Isn’t our need for communications, telecommunications, exploration, the arts, and leaving a legacy all sharing this common dream of humanity.
Could it also be the same desire for connecting and how we are each embracing connectivity in our own lives?

Seeking knowledge can lead to greater understanding, which can also lead us to having "Compassion in Action" and feelings of connectiveness.

It's a living desire to understand and be understood… even with our nonhuman friends of dogs, horses, dolphins and the animal kingdom.

So, how are we doing this in ways that can be positive ripples into waves?

"Great Spirit, help me never to judge another until I have walked in his moccasins." - Sioux Indian prayer

Criticism only leads to roads of misery. We all have encountered different circumstances and individuals in our daily lives who are doing and saying things we don't really understand or like, yet who are we to know? How another person is or what they're doing to be that way? If we are bothered with other people in difficult situations, then it's up to us to communicate, as well as look into the waves we are perceiving them and/or the circumstances.

Our VISION (perceptions) can allow us to accept people where they’re at... lessening much of the need for criticism. Doesn't mean we have to accept unkind actions and people... often those occurrences are occurring so we engage and use our secret weapon of love. What is that?

"Compassion in Action."

It's like we have a hidden instrument of love built inside each of us, yet it's always needing to be tuned. Practicing and playing this form of instrument leads to a new kind of communications, and one that can take the load off in the many stresses and strains you might be feeling.

Let's say, you get to work and there is someone there giving you a hard time, in attitude and possibly even verbally. What do you do, especially if that person has never felt understood themselves, or is harboring an old hurt of resentment, so they are afraid to get close to anyone?

What if we 1st tried remembering…

"Those who are needing love the most, are the ones pushing it away." ~ Dolphingirl

People get scared of what they don't know, understand, or fear... and healing comes from LOVE in action. Each of our Light can brighten up the darkest of fears and misunderstandings. So, if you're the one encountering these circumstances, including with yourself, then let yourself into understanding that alittle TLC goes a long wave when you're using your secret weapon of love, "Compassion in Action."

choosing a  wave…

choosing a wave…

Much love and aloha on your path… may we all remember our lost language of love alittle more each day.