When life gives you gas!

Have you ever had those moments in life where it’s too much to digest! We’ve all experienced those moments. Sometimes, circumstances, people, and situations are serving us way too much, and our ability to digests gets completely out of whack. Result: GAS!

So, with everything going on, how may we balance all that indigestion, bloating, and poots?

Why not try the art of surrendering, or just the simple act of letting go in helping us in those exact situations.

Have you ever questioned your beliefs, whether they’re serving you up in style, or whether they are dragging you down, as in, clogged up? You sea, we often repeat patterns of thinking (our perceptions of how we are “viewing” life), even telling ourselves untrue stories over and over in our head that basically, you guessed it, stinks!

Why not start with a new WAVE, the dolphin wave!

“Attitudes of gratitude” that can contribute and influence our process of dealing with situations, which in turn supports our process of digesting circumstances, opinions, and challenges. The special sauce: We do our best, yet then we let go of all the rest, which is “the outcome.”

Because imagine that the outcome is a divine experience... meaning bigger than us and all of "our efforting."

Mini-me exercises to try:

1. Repeat the phrase daily: “There is noone in life like me, so being myself is the happiest thing I can do.”

2. Change the thinking/wording from “I’m scared to change and embrace my abilities” to “Like a beautiful butterfly, Nature is asking me to come out of my cocoon to fly.”

3. Change the thinking/wording of “I can’t do it” to “I will just do and finish alittle bit today, and tomorrow, alittle bit more.”