Please, "Try to Understand"

I have traveled over 2,000 miles to "show up," and be with you. Please, “Try to Understand"

I am a mother, just like you. I would like my child to have a possible future, unharmed, just like you. I am curious, just like you. And yes, I am deeply saddened at the extreme loss of my people, over 70% who have suffered and been destroyed by your hand. It's true, every second of the day, 3 of my family members are killed.

Misunderstood and slaughtered from a complete misconception about us... based largely on a fictitious cult movie of untruths, as well as lies that my fins cut off in your soup or ingesting my very cartilage will give you "superhero" strength, and should be an important part of your diet.

We are not monsters. We are sensitive water people that have been roaming the oceans and evolving through 5 mass extinctions. Unlike most humans, we use our 6th electromagnetic-sense. Tiny pores on our noses and sides of our body that are continual sending electrical impulses and signals to all parts of our body.

We have much to share with our human aprex predator.

If you would only please, "try to understand." Our important role in the ocean's ecosystems, a role much like yours that affects our planet's well-being and future sustainability.

We have been caring for this aquatic Earth over 400 million years. So, getting rid of me and my people will cause devastation beyond words, because among other things, we're an essential part of the ocean's clean-up crew.

I too have salt water tears, just like you. Yet the oceans have taken mine away, so they are invisible to your eyes. Yet, we all breathe.

So, please take a moment and understand, a majority of your breathing is courtesy of the seas. Take us and my family members out of the equation, and breathing becomes a compromised wave of life.

I appreciate your time today…
You can be an amazing super-hero without cutting off our fins, by sending an email to the Hawaii Government: ( SUBJECT LINE: In SUPPORT of HB 808, stating the importance of our lives with the ocean ecosystems, PLUS signing this petition to SAVE SHARKS and my friends, the RAYS:
Takes only a few moments to do!

Waves of gratitude, "Deep Blue"

Photos courtesy of @oceanramsey @juansharks with

Photos courtesy of @oceanramsey @juansharks with

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