Why Talk with the Animals?

Good question, and one many have been trying to do over the centuries. For me, it’s because they are our “help-mates,” and right now, we’re needing some extra help. Humanity is rapidly eliminating animals off the face of the Earth 1,000 times faster than natural selection, close to 150-200 species a day. According to a report from 59 scientists, we have lost 60% of all mammals, birds, fish and reptiles since 1970. (https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/oct/30/humanity-wiped-out-animals-since-1970-major-report-finds)

So why not value them instead?

Their importance is VITAL for healthy eco-systems and our planetary future! Yet, why are we choosing an ongoing collusion course of destroying habitats and animal species, when it’s our direct line to the air, water, and food we need?

We each have a choice.

I call it the Real Estate Mentality. Our “real estate” mentality crosses over to everything we hold dear, because it’s forming our VALUE SYSTEM. Example of this: you go on an island holiday and check into your room, one you booked as an “ocean view.” Yet when you arrive, all your windows are facing the cement parking structure. This is very upsetting for you because you paid “extra” for the “ocean view,” and you won’t be happy until you get re-booked into another room with that “ocean view.”

What does talking with animals and an “ocean view” have in common?

Our value system.

Until we decide or perceive something is valuable to our well-being and lives, we won’t be mindful or motivated to go the extra mile in protecting and nurturing that “view” of ours.

We humans are part of the animal kingdom, yet we haven’t been loyal or conscious enough to value our own kingdom. Hold up it’s treasures and life-sustaining qualities, until possibly there’s a crisis. In crisis, we band together to help one another during fires, floods, and storms. Well, Earth's 6th mass extinction is a crisis calling all of our names!

Talking with animals is a gift, just like our lives and if we are wanting to learn more about life’s mysteries, then the hour is now. Let us each awake from our sleepwalking slumber, and embrace the diversity we are all an essential part of.

When we are saving a dolphin, we are saving ourselves.

Then, we'll have something even more beautiful to talk about...

3 actions you can do today:

1) Writing down what you value. If an ‘ocean view’ is so important in real estate property, then the ocean and animal species for biodiversity are priceless.

2) Refusing single-use plastics of bags, bottles, cups, and straws; affecting our oceans, resources, land, animals, habitats, and us.

3) Reducing your meat consumption; affecting our health, air, water, land resources, and animals.