"Honey, I love you"

Did you know that a honey bee carries the weight of the world on their tiny little wings and body?

Bee are now listed as endangered! Without bees sharing pollen and seeds, 90% of wild plants and many food crops would utterly disappear… such as apples, almonds, avocados, blueberries, cherries, cranberries, cucumbers, onions, oranges, and sunflowers being among the top.

Here in Hawaii, we have macadamia nut orchards that survive and thrive from the little bee! And let’s not forget delicious honey, which many people worldwide enjoy in their culinary dishes and diets, including a warm cup of tea. How much energy does it take to produce 1 pound of honey? According to the Maui Honey Bee Sanctuary, it takes honey bees collectively flying 24,000 miles visiting up to 9 million flowers blossoms. Wow, such an amazing feat for such a little being, and one that is rapidly on the verge of extinction due to pesticides and stress. In California alone, 50% of all honeybees in the United States are shipped and crated for its $2.3 billion almond crop annually, according to the NRDC (the Natural Resources Defense Council doing international environmental advocacy.)

The benefits of loving and protecting bees

Eating and Enjoying a Majority of Our Foods on Earth

Learning More about their Eye-Sight Super-Powers

Harnessing the Intelligence behind their Hexagon Creations for Efficiency and Strength (Honeycombs)

Honing into their Communications and Community Channels

Discovering their Amazing Navigation Skills: Polarized Light

Let’s show BEES Our LOVE!

Buy Local and Organic

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