The Myth of Separation

"Drop by drop, the river rises," ~ Moroccan proverb

Meaning no drop of H20 or small action of ours ever goes to waste…

Yet, somewhere along the line, modern society has developed associations and beliefs that separation exists and is leading parts of our lives. Then, those ideas begin to be practiced among ourselves as “habits,” like the continued acceptance and use of the tiny plastic straw.

Where did you and I begin thinking that a small plastic straw in my drink won’t “make a difference” in the big scheme of things?

Just because, or is it something you and I are used to doing as socially acceptable?

This habit practiced doesn’t mean it’s good for you, me, our families, our communities, or our environment. The real skinny is that plastic straws are not recycled, and 500 million straws are thrown away each day in the USA alone. There is no separation between you, me, and the plastic straw. The uplifting news, businesses can save money and the environment at the same time by advertising "Straws served upon request.”

If we choose to ignore the little things in life, like a small plastic straw that we are only using for a few minutes in our lives, then how do we care about the bigger things we are connected with? Dismissing this small single-use plastic causes us more harm:

Our planet is no longer living under “business as usual,” with us carrying on about our day like everything is fine. Just in our breath alone, we are connected to every living life form (99%), and our cells and DNA are shared in our daily breathing. Recently tiny micro-plastics are being found in remote places like the Pyrenees mountains.

Every day while snorkeling in the Hawaiian oceans, I come across various forms of #plastics floating or entangled around marine life ~ fishing lines, netting, plastic straws, cups, glasses, and numerous plastic toys. Tragically, I even swam beside a young sea turtle trying to remove a fishing hook logged in her neck, all the while she ingested a transparent plastic baggie that looked like her jellyfish food, and out of her rear-end came parts of a blue fishing netting. It all happened so fast right infront of my eyes, out of my reach and out of my control (special note: she did eventually slow down and allow me to remove the 1 hook out of her neck.)

So what’s in our control? Our daily choices. We breath and have life so we may choose life over harm and destruction. We each know innately and deep inside of us, that if we continue to disregard our home, Planet Earth, we are disregarding ourselves and those we care about, especially any plans and life for future generations.

So I ask you, are you willing to keep your eyes and ears closed, so you miss out on Nature’s amazing wonders and gifts? Or will you today take a chance by making a difference with your daily actions?

You and I can debunk the myth of “separation,” purely by engaging in our choices each day, bringing a reusable bottle to work for coffee and tea, carrying a reusable bag for groceries, and refusing plastic straws in our drinks.

When we are acknowledging that our breaths matters, our children’s breaths matter, Nature’s breath matters, then we can all share our #OnePlanet in better waves; helping in the healing that our #MotherEarth so desperately needs right now. It is no longer #businessasusual because our planet needs you and I!

For those who are wanting to join a eco-movemnt that includes: Strengthening Local Communities, Conserving Natural Resources, Preserving and Promoting Local Culture, and Environmental Stewardship with Tourism…

Launching Be' Kine Care Campaign: A model to be used locally and globally for all island and coastal communities that includes 3 waves of re-connecting ourselves with Nature by debunking the myths that the human race is separated from Nature, animals, and our environments. Viable choices are offered in sustainability with life and our healing for the future.

Be’ Kine” is a personalized take off from the Hawaiian pigeon word, “DaKine,” which means everything and nothing. Also, "Be Kind" and "Be the Kind" of person a whale or the planet would want to be friends with.
Like the universal equation of 0 to 1, and the ocean’s ripples into waves.

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