"Be Kine" Care Campaign

The backstory for "Be' Kine"...

"Drop by drop, the river rises." ~ Moroccan proverb

Meaning no drop of H20 or small action of ours ever goes to waste!

Yet, it’s even more. It’s everyday like peanut butter and jelly… waves in which we can be spreading alittle LOVE, and finding alittle hope by turning OUR HOPE into ACTION!

So, Be’ Kine” for me became a personalized take off from the most used Hawaiian pigeon word, “DaKine,” which means everything and nothing. Like life can feel…

"Be Kind" and "Be the Kind" of person a whale, wild bird, or the planet would want to be friends with, right?
Like the universal equation of 0 to 1, and the ocean’s ripples into waves.

Our Planet is showing each of us that the time is NOW for helping to save our planet… like the recent series from Sir David Attenborough and team. When you are replacing your home cleaning brands for biodegradable products, bringing your reusable container to work and school, refusing single-use plastics by saying NO to a straw, bag, or cup, you are making an ENORMOUS DIFFERENCE for your life and those you love, let alone for future generations. Size does matter in this equation, cause we are all in this together!

"We, Together"

"We are all in this Together"

© Dolphingirl

It’s no longer ok with an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality to keep on trashing our home with plastics that NEVER GO AWAY, as well as poisoning our oceans with harmful sunscreens, cigarette butts, and garbage.

We are better than that, because we all matter… science proves it in our breath alone!

One of my mottos for the past 10 years has been, “When we are saving a dolphin, we are saving ourselves.” Please consider doing something each day that is kind with yourself, for each other, and our planet. Plus, doing happy is being happy, and that’s contagious, igniting neurotransmitters along the wave!

For more waves to be “spreadable” and “communicable,” visit the current awareness art contest for World Reef Day on June 1st, 2019: https://www.dolphingirl.org/aloha-awareness

And for those wanting to do a "Be Kine" Care Campaign in your community, feel free to contact Dolphingirl for easy tools to make it happen! YES YOU CAN!: https://www.dolphingirl.org/contact