"Dolphin Talk" Paperback

"Dolphin Talk" Paperback

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"Just ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you..." ~ JOB 12:7
For centuries, humans have been wanting to talk with animals, especially dolphins.
Imagine yourself already possessing these natural abilities... in fact, we’re already doing it, though maybe not consciously.
Behind Dolphin Talk is our aquatic connection to all of life.
The 5 easy steps takes us on a journey of science + stories + soul, possibly challenging the belief system we are carrying about ourselves and our relationships with dolphins, other animals, and Nature.
Yet, what if we could understand a nonhuman's feelings and their thoughts?
How would you feel?
Taking these steps offered in the book is equivalent to walking in another person’s shoes, flippers, or paws for a day; even a lifetime.

What are the true signs of humanity? The development of consciousness, language, compassion, and a sense of self. This could easily be the description of a dolphin...

Dive in today!

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