You may be wondering... are we really connected to all of life?

"We are Water Spirit"  not by chance or a fluke, yet by divine design. We match our beautiful blue planet's 71% to 29% water to body mass as a child. We also learn our first language in the womb. The language of "holographic communications," waves of listening dimensionally.

Our cell biology is also surrounded by water, 10 molecules around each of our 70 trillion cells.

That's 700 trillion water molecules dancing with us every moment of every day.

Magically, our blood and breath are moving like the ebb and flow of ocean waves, in fact the ocean is in every breath we take. Thankfully, the smallest plant organism in the sea are Phytoplankton, vital in producing the majority of the air we're breathing on Earth. Connectivity is part of us in this continuous circle of life.

That's the power of our BREATH. And fascinating beyond measure, we humans are sharing nearly 99% of our DNA with animals and plants.

Specifically, this gift is called the respiratory exchange.