"Our Moment in Time"

Ever wonder who we are, and is it already written in the stars?
Fate and destiny, calling our names across the universe.
It seems since time began, we have been sharing the DNA of "leaving a legacy" in our cells.
That our life matters and we are making a difference.
The basic WHY behind our actions, motivations, and moments in life.
Is it also behind those feelings of being a hero?
To save the day, make a lasting impression, or even alittle history…
Our moment in time.
Ever wonder why films of "superheroes" like Spiderman and Wonder Woman are blockbusters?

Scientifically, when we are watching films (stories), we are actually triggering (activating) our cell memories to wake up! In turn, lifting our spirits, encouraging us to shine, and be bigger than our circumstances and the life challenges we are facing.
To rise up and greet the day, not necessarily with tights or a magic lasso, yet with the mojo of a “Yes we can” attitude, instead of feeling defeated before we even begin.
Yet, "how do we get there?" A clue from David Byrne's song Once in a lifetime, especially when his lyrics are posing, "There is water at the bottom of the ocean."
Meaning, why have success and more so, what is our moment in time?
Is it to be sharing our ‘gifts’ with others, and making things better?
To use the term literally, "water at the bottom of the ocean" is giving us breath, and the DNA element of cellular respiration being shared among 99% of life, which naturally makes us ALWAYS connected to life.

Maybe by acknowledging our divine DNA connection with water, we can begin embracing our moment in time, and possible being a hero.
We can be a hero everyday in just the kind thoughts, words, or actions we have with others. Offering to help.
The ripple affect ~~~ water.
One may think, "I don't have the time."
Time is an evolution of the present moment. We have this moment and then another moment... hence the term, "making time."
Let us use some science and math to talk about the ripple affect, time, and things seemingly impossible.
A friend reminded me about the equation in breaking the perception of "impossible" becoming POSSIBLE!

We could call this formula a miracle or the ripple affect.

In science, it's water in motion = creation.

Let us SEA this unfold...

You have 24 hrs to make that important meeting, yet various "real" obstacles appear in your way of making that possible.
Let's say a 'moment' is a second.
60 seconds in a minute.
60 minutes in an hour.
Instead of thinking "I only have 24 hrs to make this possible," try instead to use this equation: hours X minutes X seconds = moments
You had 24 hrs, now you have 86,400 MOMENTS (in time) of possibilities.
Water elastic...
Now, "there is water at the bottom of the ocean."